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Case Studies

Case Studies.

Wireless Control & Monitoring System for Interior Lighting

wireless lighting control systemITW Switches “Chameleon” product has been successfully paired with a customer’s in house ZigBee system using the in-built I2C output to offer a wireless control and monitoring system for interior lighting.

Using this I2C connectivity, the customer gained full access to the Chameleons 12 off “Capacitive” switch inputs and control over the LED’s on the front panel. Selection of the switch inputs was achieved by using ITW’s unique “Key Masking” function, which, combined with customisable “Panel Graphics”, gives ITW’s Chameleon product a winning formula.

The new “wireless” hybrid solution” offers integrators a simple way of installing and commissioning a lighting control systems into new and existing buildings allowing easy “configuring” and “re-configuring” of lighting zone.

wireless lighting control system switchesA ”Daylight Harvesting” feature allows the amount of electric lighting required to be offset against the amount of natural light available. This ambient lighting feedback is used to maintain constant lighting levels in each defined zone using dimmable LED drivers over the wireless ZigBee network, and provides an innovative way to reduce energy usage.

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